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Reach Intake Setup

Automating your patient intake process is a snap with Reach Intake, simply follow the steps below to get started!

Log In 

Log in by clicking on the WebPT Reach icon at the top of your screen in the WebPT EMR. This single sign-on (SSO) process will automatically create a Reach Intake account for users with Clinic or Company Admin permissions. This is how you will access the WebPT Reach Intake application going forward.

Review and Activate Workflows

The power of Reach is in automating a process that would otherwise be manual. By turning on all of your intake workflows, you won’t have to send this information after scheduling each patient anymore!

Review Workflow Content

  1. Click Campaigns in the upper right corner.
  2. View all of your intake workflows on the Campaigns page. Each workflow includes two types of content: Email and Text. Additionally, there are two types of workflows on this page: Welcome and Reminder. Click View Details on any workflow to review the contents (which cannot be edited). 
    1. Welcome Message - Email
    2. Welcome Message - Text
    3. Reminder Message - Email
    4. Reminder Message - Text 

A Note About Messaging

In Reach, no patient receives the same content twice. There are 10 workflows under your Campaigns tab, but even with all 10 active, the maximum number of messages a patient receives is two—one welcome and one reminder. And they will only get a reminder if they have not completed their intake yet.  

If you do not activate all 10 workflows, there will be inconsistency in when patients can expect to receive their intake.  Patients won’t receive fewer messages if you turn on fewer workflows (unless you only turned on the welcomes and not the reminders). For the most seamless patient experience, we strongly recommended that turn On all Workflows.

Activate Workflows

  1. After reviewing the content, return to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click each workflow’s Off switch such that it says On.
  3. Each workflow should look like this when enabled:
  4. Repeat Step 2 until all workflows are On. Your screen should now look like this:

Note: The Custom Workflow toggle will always be in the Off position, but feel free to click it if you ever want to contact our team about upgrading your  Reach functionality. 

Setup Complete

After activating your workflows, you are now up and running with Reach Intake! If you want a more in-depth knowledge of how our system works with the WebPT EMR, how and when patients enter Reach Intake, or how to send intake manually, see the Bonus Topics below!

Bonus: Intake Process Overview

  1. Scheduling: Intake is dependent on scheduling the patient with appropriate contact information.
  2. Intake Form: Patients receive their form digitally in advance, with advanced logic determining what questions to require and others to skip.
  3. Check Status: See how far along in the intake process your upcoming patients are. 
  4. Save to eDoc: Intake automatically sends to the case’s eDoc in the EMR once complete.

Bonus: Patient Integration

  1. Hourly Updates: Once scheduled appropriately in the EMR, patient information should flow over within an hour. 
  2. Daily Sends: Intake welcome messages and reminders will send around 6pm local time, regardless of when in the day the patient was scheduled.
  3. Users: Reach Admin users can add, remove, or edit user permissions and alert settings.

Bonus: Manual Sends and Kiosk Mode

  1. Send (or Re-send) Manually: For same-day appointments or by request, you can still send intake in one-off circumstances.
  2. Kiosk Mode: In-clinic? A patient can easily start or pick up intake where they left off on a phone or tablet.
  3. Upload to EMR: Send an incomplete patient intake to the patient’s eDoc and make copying over completed information into the patient record easier.
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