Intake FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers about the Digital Patient Intake feature in WebPT Reach.

Does intake integrate into the note?

At this phase in the project, the patient’s intake information only goes back into the case within the WebPT EMR as an eDoc, not directly into the note fields themselves. 

When will intake integrate into the note?

This part of the project is already underway. Our goal is to have data prepopulate in specific fields for SOAP 2.0 Notes! We anticipate rolling this out in a limited release towards the end of 2020 to Members who are using SOAP 2.0.

Do we have the option to choose which Intake fields are marked as “required”?

Right now, Members don’t have the ability to designate which fields are mandatory. The form has been designed to encourage patients to submit as much information as possible before their appointment, without discouraging completion by requiring too many fields to be completed. 

Can we add our own forms to Intake?

Currently, we accept a maximum of four consent-based forms per organization. All forms submitted must meet the requirements outlined in this document. Forms that fail to comply will be sent back.

What happens if the patient does not fill out the form completely in one session? Can they go back and fill out what is needed?

If a patient doesn’t finish their intake in one session, the form will automatically navigate them to the unfinished section(s) when reopened. They can even go back and edit previous responses if needed. If you want to see if a patient has completed their forms, you can check using the process outlined here

Where can I see the new intake contents? 

Applies to Reach Plus or Premium Subscriptions Only

To review or edit the new welcome contents and intake reminder contents, just log into your Reach account, click Campaigns, then Content, then Announcements. Use the search bar to search for Pre-IE Welcome with Intake for the welcome messaging, or Digital Intake Reminder for the reminder content. Click on the title and scroll down to preview! Check out this Patient Intake Overview video for a step-by-step walkthrough. 

What questions are included within the standard intake form?

If you want to browse the questions available in the standard intake option, click here to scroll through the questions in each section. Note: Not all of the questions you see will be filled out by every patient. Due to built-in logic, certain responses generate follow-up questions.

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