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Patient Integration

Your entire patient list is automatically synced from the WebPT EMR, bringing over demographic, case, and contact information to populate each patient’s page in Reach. Here are three important items to remember:

  1. All updates made to patient information, including email addresses must be done in the EMR. You cannot manually add email addresses or patients into Reach Intake. 
  2. A case ID is required for a patient to receive intake. If your scheduling workflow includes using the Quick Add feature in the EMR,  then you must add a diagnosis code to use Intake (the diagnosis code will trigger the case ID creation).
  3. To get the most out of the Reach Digital Patient Intake, be sure to enter an email address and or mobile phone number for each patient in the EMR.

Adding Contact Info in the EMR

  1. To add an email address or mobile phone number, navigate to the patient chart. In the Contact Info section, use the Add Contact link to include an email address in the patient record.

This information will automatically flow into Reach within one hour.

Patient Overview

Search for a patient via the Find a Patient bar to pull up their patient details.

This page contains information specific to the patient, including demographics pulled from WebPT and recent communications.

You can also use this page to opt-out the patient from receiving messages. This is all or nothing, you cannot pick and choose which campaigns the patient will receive once they’ve been opted-out. Please note that if a patient unsubscribes using the link in a campaign email they received, they will automatically be opted out from all future communication, regardless of campaign type. This also includes HEP email notifications, if your clinic uses WebPT HEP. If you opt the patient out, or if the patient unsubscribes, they will also not receive any HEP-related alerts including new care plans created.

Below, you can see that this patient has been opted out of emails, but still will receive contents as text messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find completed Intake Forms in the EMR?

Completed intakes are found under the eDoc section of the patient chart, and are case-specific. Click here for more information about eDocs and Intake.

How do I stop a patient from receiving emails?

If a patient asks to be unsubscribed from intake messaging simply navigate to that patient in Reach and toggle off their email contact option.

  1. Locate the patient in the Find Patient search bar. Click their name to open their page. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the left column. Toggle the requested Contact Options to OFF. In this example, this patient will only receive their intake forms via text message from your clinic: 


  3. Remember, patients can also unsubscribe themselves, using the Unsubscribe link in any email they receive, or by replying “STOP” to any text message.

How do I send an intake form manually to a patient?

Click here for instructions on manually sending an intake form to a patient. If you’re looking to utilize  Kiosk Mode in your clinic, click here for instructions.

Have other questions? Check out our Intake FAQs Knowledge Base article, or email our team any time at reachsupport@webpt.com

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