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Patient Intake Overview

The Patient Intake feature allows for your clinic to receive information from your patients prior to their initial evaluation appointment. 

Quick Start Guide (Upgrading Members Only)

Get up to speed quickly if you've upgraded your Reach plan by taking our Digital Patient Intake quick start guide. Learn how to set up your workflows and get started using patient intake today!

Scheduling the Patient and Sending Intake

  1. The intake process begins when you schedule the patient in the WebPT EMR for their initial evaluation appointment. 

2. Be sure to obtain an email address or mobile phone number for the patient in their Contact Info tab.

     a. To add a mobile phone number into the patient’s contact information section, select Mobile from the Phone Type drop-down, then click Ok.

If you do not have an email address or mobile phone number on file for the patient, they will not receive the patient intake form before their appointment. 

3. Once the appointment is scheduled in the WebPT EMR, the patient receives an email or text containing the patient intake form. The form is sent according to the timing you have established for your pre-initial evaluation workflows in Reach.

4. When the patient receives their welcome message, it asks them to complete the form by clicking the link in the content, shown in the examples below: 

    1. Email:

    b. Text:   

    5. The intake form opens in a new tab. The patient intake form shows the facility's brand information including the logo and color scheme. The left menu shows progress toward completion and the different sections included in the form.

Note: The form automatically saves the information as it’s added. If the patient closes the form prior to completion, they’ll automatically be directed to complete the remaining questions the next time they open intake. 

6. The Verification section automatically populates with the access code that is unique to the patient, and they will need to fill in their Date of Birth to verify their identity. If they are filling out the form for a child or spouse, they will enter the patient’s date of birth. Click here to read more about the patient verification process.

7. To continue, the patient clicks Next at the bottom of the screen and completes each section.

Intake Form

  1. After Verification, the intake form that patients fill out is broken out into the following sections:
    1. The Personal Info section of the patient intake form focuses on collecting data such as the patient’s name and contact information.
    2. The Insurance section walks them through providing information about their insurance provider. 
    3. The Medical section contains questions about your medical history, injury and symptoms, regions of the body affected, pain rating scale, goals for therapy, and more.
    4. The Consent section includes any additional PDFs unique to your clinic that have been uploaded for a patient to acknowledge their consent with their name and date. Click here for more information on adding consent forms.
  2. Once the form has been completed to the best of the patient’s ability, the patient sees a PDF of their answers in the Summary section. 
    1. At this point, the patient can preview their answers to the questions and make changes by clicking Back.
    2. Otherwise, they can submit their form using the Finish button. 
    3. After clicking Finish, a “thank you” message appears on the browser screen.

After Intake is Submitted

After the form is submitted, you will receive an email alert informing you of a patient intake completion. You must have Intake Alerts enabled to receive these alerts.

  1. The completed form appears in the patient’s profile in the eDoc section of the WebPT EMR. 
  2. The clinic can view the form in a PDF Format and begin copying and pasting the information into the patient’s chart.  
  3. The clinic can also edit the form (which allows for the clinic to rename it, move cases, update the date of receipt, or change the document type), fax the form, send the form to the doc portal (which allows for the clinic to send the document securely), or delete the form. 

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