Adding a Consent Form to Intake

With the digital patient intake feature in WebPT Reach, you can include additional organization-specific consent forms at the end of the paperwork. To provide patients with the best experience possible, we have established specific guidelines for submitting these consent forms that ensure readability and clarity. You may be asked to resubmit an updated file if a given form does not meet the following standards.

File Layout and Formatting

We can only accept files that:

  • Are completely blank. Please do not send along a filled out form, as we need to use it as a finished template within the intake form itself. 
  • Are saved as a PDF (portable document format) or separate PDFs if submitting multiple documents. 
  • In portrait orientation, such that the documents can be easily read without action. Not all patients can have or rotation needed from the patient. 
  • Have one name consent field and one date field per document. Patients can only give their consent in one consent field per file, so if there are multiple spaces where initials or consent are required in the file you send, it is confusing as to which item the patient is offering their consent. 
  • Do not reference external materials or other documents that are not in the form patients are being asked to consent to. For example, directions to the clinic or asking a patient to agree to a cancellation policy that is not provided is confusing for the patient.
  • Are as condensed as possible. For example, if you have a document for patients with a separate page to sign that’s sole purpose is to indicate that they have read the previous page, only include the first document. Intake’s sign and date fields can accomplish the goal of the sign-only page.

Note: No more than 4 separate consent-related files will be accepted.

Submitting a Request

  • If you are in onboarding, send the file(s) along to the Onboarding Specialist you’ve been working with directly. 
  • If you have already graduated from onboarding, please send your request to
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