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Why Digital Patient Intake?

Patient intake simplifies the patient registration process, allowing you to digitally collect patient information anywhere. By streamlining the steps between the waiting room and exam room, you’ll save time and improve the patient experience.

Move patients through intake easily with our smart online form

  • Allows patients to complete their information prior to coming into the clinic, at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own home. 
  • Reduces time in the waiting room, and allows patients the option to use their own phone or tablet to complete the intake when in the clinic.
  • Uses an intelligent rules engine that moves patients only through questions that are relevant to them, and remembers where the patient left off if they are interrupted.

Free up the front office

  • The WebPT EMR integration sends the completed Intake PDF automatically to the eDoc section of the patient chart. This means no more printing, scanning, or endlessly shredding paperwork and reduces the risk of unintentional HIPAA violations.
  • Less time transcribing means more time for scheduling (and rescheduling) appointments and processing payments. You’ll never spend another five minutes wondering if that letter in the patient’s last name is an “n” or an “h” again.  

Send intake and follow-up reminders automatically

  • WebPT Reach workflows send each patient’s unique access link by email or text message prior to their initial evaluation.
  • Automated reminder workflows nudge patients who have not yet completed intake as their IE date gets closer. 

Access patient information securely before their visit

  • Patient-provided medical history, pain scales, and injury information gives the therapist a head start on the visit. 
  • Specific fields from the medical section of the intake form will automatically pre-populate in the Subjective section of the note (Available for WebPT SOAP 1.0 and SOAP 2.0).
  • WebPT uses the strongest levels of end-to-end encryption, so you know that your patient’s information is safe and secure.
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