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Patient Intake eDoc FAQs

Let’s review some common questions about patient intake and eDocs. 

Where can I find completed intake forms in the WebPT EMR?

If you’re using the WebPT EMR, you can find and copy the patient’s intake forms in the patient’s chart using the steps below. Note: Only forms that were completed or sent to the WebPT EMR from Reach will display in the chart. 

1. Start by searching for the patient in the WebPT EMR. From the patient record page, select eDoc.

2. Patient intake(s) related to the case appear in the External Patient Documents section, along with the dates that the intake was received and filed. Remember: Intakes submitted are case-specific.

3. In the Options menu, you can select the action that you want to take for the eDoc. 

Copying Information from Intake to Paste in WebPT EMR

1. Select View Document, and then the Play button. 

2. A new window appears with a PDF of the patient’s intake. Highlight, copy, and then paste the information into the WebPT EMR. This is an example of the intake PDF:

3. In this example, we will update the patient’s email address in the EMR. Highlight the text within the intake that you want to copy, then right click for additional options. Select Copy

4. Next, locate the Patient Info section of the patient’s chart in the EMR.

5. Locate the field you want to paste information into within the EMR. In this example, we’re updating the patient’s email address. This field is found under Contact Info. Select the Contact Info tab, and then click the Edit icon.

6. Next, highlight the information you are updating, right click and select Paste.

7. The information has been updated with what the patient entered in their intake. Select Ok to complete. Repeat as necessary and as appropriate. 

No Intake Forms in eDoc

If you don’t see a completed intake form in the patient’s eDoc, confirm that the patient has received an intake form by checking on their Intake Status in WebPT Reach. 

  1. If the Intake Status is Sent, then the patient has not started their intake so it will not show up in their eDoc.
  2. If the Intake Status is Started, the patient has not completed their intake so it will not show up in the eDoc.
  3. If the Intake Status is Completed, confirm that you are looking in the correct case in the WebPT EMR, as intakes are case-specific.
  4. If you can’t find the patient in the Intake Dashboard search,  they have not been sent an intake. You can manually send it to them via email or text message.

Multiple Intake Forms in eDoc

If you see multiple intake forms in the patient’s eDoc, review the time stamps for the most recently submitted form. It’s likely that an incomplete form was manually sent to the WebPT EMR to begin building the patient record.

Alternatively, the patient may have edited the intake after submitting it originally, and then resubmitted the intake. It is recommended to work off of the most recent intake for the case, found in the Date Filed column. 

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