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Intake: Body Pain Diagram

This product is currently in early access to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out over the following weeks. Please email reachsupport@webpt.com with questions or if you are interested in being included in the next phase of this project.

After a patient moves through all of the questions in the Verification, Personal Info, and Insurance sections of the intake form, the body pain diagram will appear as a question in the Medical section of the intake form.

Note: Every form and patient response is different, so the exact question count per section could vary. However, in the Standard Intake Form, the body pain diagram will always show up in the Medical section. 

Before (Without Body Pain Diagram)

This is the previous version of the question regarding symptom location: 

After (With Body Pain Diagram)

This is the updated version of the question regarding symptom location, with a clickable body pain diagram to select the region(s) where symptoms exist: 

Instead of the 12 options in the previous version, patients will be able to visually choose from 116 options, either on the front or back of the body.  

Using the Body Pain Diagram

  1. Click on one of the body images, Front or Back, to view the layout required to select the region where symptoms exist: 
  2. Clicking on a region in the diagram will zoom in on an area for ease of selection. The color of the selected region will change to highlight the selection. To deselect a region click again on a previously highlighted section.  
  3. Click the diagram located above the magnifying glass to toggle between Front and Back body layouts.  
  4. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in or out on the diagram to make additional selections. 
  5. To clear all of the selections made on the diagram, click the Clear All image below the magnifying glass. 
  6. Once all symptomatic regions have been selected, clicking Next will save the patient’s selection and move the patient on to subsequent intake questions.
  7. Once all questions are complete, the last section of the intake form is the Summary
  8. You will see the image and annotated breakdown of the region(s) selected in the body pain diagram in under the PDF’s Medical header prior to intake form submission. 
  9. Clicking Finish submits the intake form, which can be reviewed in the eDoc for that case in the WebPT EMR.
    Note: While our team works through some integration details, the Body Pain Diagram has been delayed in its full roll out. When this work is complete, this feature should transfer any selections made in the body pain diagram to the SOAP note in 1.0 and 2.0, similar to the way the current "Injury Selection" question does. We will provide an update once the work is finalized.

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