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Leads Dashboard and Lead Upload

The Leads Dashboard displays information about leads and lead conversion generated through landing page submissions in Reach or those added manually. You can also add leads to Reach from this page.

  1. To access the Leads Dashboard, first click Contacts at the top of the page, and select Leads from the dropdown.
  2. This brings you to the Leads Dashboard. This is where you can add, track, or update leads. 
  3. On the Leads Dashboard, you can filter the data by Date, Lead Source, Lead Owner, and Lead Status. 
  4. The dashboard cards display the following data points:
    1. Total Count: The total number of leads submitted through landing pages or manually uploaded into Reach.
    2. New Evals: The count of new initial evaluation appointments from leads associated with a patient record, within 45 days of that lead's submittal date.
    3. Conversion %: Lead conversion percentage is calculated by dividing the number of converted leads by the total lead count. A conversion occurs when a lead becomes associated with a patient. This means that the lead has been matched (using a mobile number or email address) with a patient who has a new initial evaluation appointment within 45 days of the lead being submitted.
    4. Closed Won: This is the total number of leads who have the manually added lead status of Closed Won.
  5. Below the Dashboard Cards, you can use the search bar to review leads that have been added to Reach Note: This table updates based on the filters selected at the top of the page.
  6. This section lists out the lead’s name, creation date, email, phone number, preferred facility, lead owner, lead status, lead source, and last comment date. Scroll horizontally to see all of the fields.

Note: Blank fields indicate that the field was not filled out when added to Reach.

Adding Leads to Reach

In addition to automatic lead addition through landing pages, leads may be added manually one at a time or in bulk through a spreadsheet upload.

Adding Leads Manually

  1. To add a lead manually, begin by clicking Add Lead at the top of the Leads Dashboard. 
  2. Next, fill out the lead’s information on the Lead Details screen. Add as much information as you collected on the lead to give you as many contact options and as much context as possible to this potential patient, their preferences, and patients. This is also important because the more fields that are filled out, the more ways your leads can later be segmented in Lead Lists.
  3. Once the relevant fields have been filled out, click Save Lead to add this contact to the system. Repeat as needed. 

Uploading Leads via Spreadsheet

  1. To add multiple leads to the system at one time, start by clicking Upload File in the upper right of the Leads Dashboard. 
  2. This brings you to the Lead Import screen.
  3. Importing leads in bulk require a specific header format for the spreadsheet to process upon upload. If you have not downloaded the spreadsheet template already, you can do so now by clicking the Download Lead Template hyperlink and opening it with your preferred program.
  4. Complete as many of the columns in the spreadsheet as possible to provide the maximum amount of information about the contacts you’re adding. 
  5. Once you have completed the spreadsheet, return to Reach and select the Choose File button. 
  6. Select the completed lead spreadsheet from your files. You’ll see the File Selected icon after you’ve made your selection. 
  7. Click Upload File to add your Leads to Reach.                  
  8. You’ll get a success confirmation in the lower left corner of the screen. Return to the Leads Dashboard to filter, view, and track these new leads. 
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