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Lead List Details Page

Open any lead list to view key stats about its use. It may take a few minutes for the metrics to populate as the system locates records that match the list's filters and parameters. 

  • Lead Count is the number of leads that currently belong to this list. This number will constantly be in flux as leads are added or removed based on list criteria.
  • Population % is the percentage of your total contact population that is included in this list.
  • Email Collection is the percentage of leads in this list who have email addresses recorded.
  • Active Workflows displays the number of workflows this list is included in.


This section allows you to see who updated the list last, which workflows the list belongs to, and which leads are included in the list. Use the search bar to locate specific leads. Additionally, you can download the current list of matching contacts using the Cloud Download icon. The downloaded list will contain more data than what is displayed in the table. 

Note: If you don’t have any leads in the system, you won’t have any contacts listed on the detail page. If your list continues to be blank even after you’ve begun generating leads, you may want to check your filters and parameters. 

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