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Leads Overview and Management

Reach provides all-in-one lead generation and conversion tracking through the use of Landing Pages and Leads. Landing Pages are fully customizable pages that allow past patients and prospective leads to sign up for services offered by your practice. Your organization can take Leads submitted through a Landing Page and create custom campaigns designed to convert those leads into patients. This means increased revenue for your practice!

What is a Lead?

A Lead is a prospective new patient. This can be someone who has never been to your clinic before or is a past patient who wants to begin a new course of care. Let’s discuss how Reach can help you manage the process of converting a lead into a patient, which we’ll refer to as lead conversion.

Reach is designed to allow you to collect leads, add them automatically into lead channel-specific workflows, and manage the lead conversion process. We’ve designed our lead functionality to allow you to be as hands-on (or as hands-off) as you’d like using lead owners, custom lead statuses, landing pages, and bulk lead uploads.

How do Leads enter the system?

Unlike patient records, which are automatically synced from your integrated EMR, leads enter Reach through two methods:

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Lead Upload

Let’s explore these lead capture processes.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are fully customizable webpages built in Reach which allow leads to submit their information to your organization. Landing pages can be used to get leads to sign up for services offered by your clinic such as dry needling, request an appointment or free screen, and so much more. Landing pages are included in your patient reactivation campaigns, can be linked from your website, or included in social media posts.

We’ve compiled a list of landing page best practices to help you get started. Looking to learn more about creating and customizing landing pages? Click here.

Lead Upload

Any lead information not captured through a landing page (like sign-ups at an event), should be uploaded to Reach through the Upload Lead page. We’ve included a template for a simplified upload process.

Notification of Lead Submission

When a lead is submitted through a landing page, permissioned Reach users will receive a Lead Alert email. In the User settings, you can determine who receives emails for all leads, facility leads, or their leads (leads where they’re indicated as a lead owner).

Selecting View Lead will navigate the user to the lead’s Activity Feed.

Lead Channels

We’ve identified two lead channels that are most likely to apply to most clinic lead flows. These are:

  1. Past Patient Reactivation: Your past patients who are returning for a new course of care.
  2. New Leads: Individuals unfamiliar with your clinic who are looking to begin a course of care. For each lead channel, we’ve outlined five contact points, three are automated emails and two are optional phone outreach. As we’ve previously stated, these lead conversion processes can be as involved as you’d like. We expect leads in both these channels to be submitted through landing pages.

Standard Lead Channel Process

The two lead channels are essentially identical, including the submission method and when each automated contact is sent. The notable difference is the content of the landing pages and automated outreach. These items have been built into Reach for you.

  1. Lead submits information through the channel-specific landing page.
    1. Lead becomes a “Lead” in the Lead page. Using the email/phone number that was gathered, the system will try to locate an existing patient record and link the two records together.
    2. A Lead Notification email is sent to the Reach user(s), as determined by user settings.
  2. 1 minute after form submit: Leads receives a confirmation email. This email should contain information about how the lead can proactively contact you, access an online scheduling link (if available), and locate information on when they should expect to hear from you.
  3. 24 hours after form submit: Lead manager contacts lead to follow-up. This step is optional.
    1. Lead status is updated as needed.
  4. 2 days after form submit: Automated follow-up email #1 is sent.
    1. Lead status is updated as needed.
  5. 3 days after form submit: Lead manager calls lead. This step is optional.
    1. Lead status is updated as needed.
  6. 5 days after form submit: Automated follow-up email #2 is sent to lead.
    1. Lead status is updated as needed. 
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