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Customized Intake Messaging

This functionality is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members. We'll continue gradually rolling out this release over the coming weeks.

When manually sending Digital Patient Intake via the Complete Intake modal on any patient information page in Reach, the message sent to patients defaults to standard messaging. Now Members can create their own Announcement to be associated with this on demand intake send. The messaging may be created and customized at the Company, Region, and Facility levels in Settings. 

Current Messaging 

Before you consider how you want to customize your intake messaging, consider the existing messaging below (email and text) that patients receive when a clinic sends intake to them manually.

Primary Notification: Email

Note: The From and Reply To fields will default to the patient’s facility name and facility email address. To review that this information is correct, review your account Settings.

Subject Line: Re: Your Visit at {{facility_name}}

Hi {{first_name}},

Please click the link below to complete some information about yourself, your pain or injury, and insurance details prior to your visit at {{facility_name}}.

Call to Action URL: {{primary_intake_form}}

Call to Action Text: Click Here to Fill Out Your Information

Secondary Notification: Text 

Click the following link to complete your intake information for your visit at {{facility_name}}. {{primary_intake_form}}

Create Custom Intake Message

To create and customize your own intake messaging, create an Announcement with the message you want to include. 

  1. Start by selecting Content from the Campaigns drop-down.                                                                   
  2. Select Create Content, and click Announcement.                                  
  3. Continue creating an Announcement with your preferred messaging. We recommend Email as the Primary Notification and Text as the Secondary Notification
Important: For custom intake messaging, you must create a content that has an email and text message included in notification types (in any order). Otherwise the Announcement will not be selectable in Settings when you look to assign it as the Primary Intake Message.

Set Primary Intake Message in Settings

Once your announcement is ready, we can assign it as the Primary Intake Message using the following steps. 

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner, and select Settings from the drop down menu.
  2. You can assign your custom messaging at the Company level, Regional level, or Facility level. Select the level you prefer from the list on the left.
  3. If you select Regions or Facilities, be sure to select the appropriate region or facility that you created your custom messaging for.
  4. After making your selection (Company, Regions, or Facilities), scroll down until you reach the Primary Intake Message field.
  5. Choose the announcement you created from the drop down list.Note: This menu reveals all announcements that have both an email and text message notification set up. If you do not see the message you created for intake, be sure that you included an email notification AND a text message notification prior to saving. 
  6. Click Save to apply changes and set the Primary Intake Message.
    If for some reason a custom message isn’t set for all regions or facilities, then Reach will fall back to using our existing messaging to make sure all patients do receive a message of some kind.
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