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Secondary Notifications

Reach has three ways of delivering your workflows:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • In-app (coming soon!).

When creating or editing any of the three content types (Announcement, Survey, or Blog Post), you will select a Primary Notification type and have the option of adding a Secondary Notification type (you cannot use the same method as the primary). In order to reach the maximum number of people, we recommend primarily using email and text messaging.

Note: For the Survey content type, you can only select Email and/or Text Message as delivery options.

How do Secondary Notifications work?

When the primary notification method is blank or invalid, the system will resend the workflow using the secondary notification method, increasing the likelihood your message will reach the intended recipient.

Designating Primary and Secondary Send Options

  1. When creating content, you’ll be required to Select a Primary Notification.
  2. Once selected, you’ll be able to complete the message details. If you change your mind on the notification type, you can select Delete Notification.
  3. Then, you have the option to Select a Secondary Notification.
  4. Click to add and then select the message type. You cannot select the same method as the primary.

Text Message Recommendations

As a best practice, we recommend maintaining email as the Primary Notification method and strategically using text message for the Secondary Notification method. Text Message notifications typically should only be added to specific high-value workflows. These include:

  • NPS Surveys
  • Review Campaigns (for social media reviews)
  • Reactivation

You may find it interesting to experiment with, and include, text messages as a secondary notification for your lead follow-up workflows.

A Note about In-App Message Notifications

In-App messaging will only be able to reach users (in the future) who have installed the StriveHub app and have chosen to allow notifications. We are in the process of developing additional patient engagement strategies that will help increase the effectiveness of in-app messaging, so stay tuned!

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