Provider Settings

The Providers section in the Settings menu allows you to create, view, edit, and delete providers within the company. Providers can also be matched to other names they might be associated with in the EMR. Please note that only Admins can access the Providers settings menu.

The Benefits of Adding Providers

In general, provider accounts are not created at the same time as user accounts. However, taking the time to set up provider accounts has many benefits. 

  • You'll be able to accurately use the NPS Access Level: My Patients Only. This ensuring that providers can see how their patients are responding to the NPS surveys, but can't see how other providers in their practice are getting rated.
  • You'll also be able to tie together provider records that may have different names in the EMR but are the same person (see Matching Providers below).
  • You will be able to user provider-specific dynamic variables when creating content including credentials, bio, profile picture, specialties, and more.  

Providers Overview

View quick provider information, including user, match names, and patients. Use the Search bar to quickly locate Providers. 

Matching Providers

You can match multiple provider records that exist in your EMR to a single provider in Reach. This often occurs with name changes or nicknames. Admins can then map these accounts to the same provider in Reach using the Match Names field.

  1. Open the Settings menu from your profile drop-down. 
  2. Click Providers. 
  3. Next, open the provider record that you’d like to match the other provider records into. Alternatively, you can also create a new provider if you’d prefer.  
  4. Please note: each provider must be linked to a user account in Reach.
  5. In the Match Names drop-down, scroll or search to select each name.
  6. Complete any additional updates.
  7. Click Save Provider to make your changes.                                              

Can I delete a provider?

You cannot delete providers with patients tied to their account.

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