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Leveraging Reach Post-Graduation

Graduation from onboarding is a key milestone on your Reach Journey. Up to this point, you've learned the software, activated your workflows, and begun engaging with patients. So, what comes next? How can you ensure you continue to achieve your goals with Reach? In this guide, we'll explore what you should be doing on your first day after graduation and beyond. 


As you learned throughout your training experience, Reach allows you to create and implement a comprehensive patient and lead messaging strategy, driving conversion, engagement, and retention. This strategy follows our Right Contact, Right Message, Right Time philosophy. You’ve determined the Right Contact when building Lists, the Right Message when developing Content, and the Right Time when activating Workflows.

Reach operates on the premise that a better-engaged patient will stay in care longer, and will help you: 

  • Attract and manage prospective patients with landing pages and lead management tools;
  • Uncover loyal patients and leverage those patients to boost the clinic’s online reputation with reviews automatically generated by Review Campaigns to your Promoters via Net Promoter Score®;
  • Boost patient retention with proactive outreach and follow up through the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) campaign and in-care educational content;
  • Increase reactivation by automatically staying in touch with past patients through your reactivation campaigns and reactivation offer landing page;
  • Meet patients where they are with text and email communication outlined in our current best practice Patient Journey Map (which may differ based on your customized patient engagement).

Even though Reach is an automated engagement tool, there are certain action items that will need to occur at a specific time to increase the return on investment of the Reach platform. This will primarily occur within your NPS® Survey and Reactivation campaigns. Below outlines how to ensure you are achieving success with Reach post onboarding and training.

Patient Intake

Patient intake simplifies the patient registration process, allowing you to digitally collect patient information from anywhere. By allowing patients to complete their information prior to their first visit, from the comfort of their home and at their own pace, you’ll save time and improve the patient experience.

Starting the Intake Process

Keep in mind that the intake process begins when you schedule the patient in the WebPT EMR for their initial evaluation appointment. Your staff will want to ensure that they are following the proper steps to schedule the patient in conjunction with collecting contact information, such as their email address and mobile number. WebPT Reach will then be able to automate the send of the digital patient intake form through your Pre-IE with Intake workflows. You can review this process anytime in our intake overview article or walkthrough this intake quick start guide

Managing Intake 

Once the patient completes the intake form, the WebPT EMR integration sends the completed Intake PDF automatically to the eDoc section of the patient chart. Determine how you will manage intake form completion within your front desk staff to optimize the process within your practice by considering some of the following questions as you plan:

  • Will your staff check Reach first thing in the morning to see who has or has not completed their forms? 
  • Will you manually resend the forms the day of the appointment if they are incomplete? 
  • Does everyone know how to use Kiosk Mode in-clinic?
  • Are all of the appropriate staff members at your practice set up with Intake alerts?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

The NPS campaign will help you get a better understanding of the patient experience, generate online reviews, improve online visibility/attract new patients, and impact retention. How can you achieve this success within your practice?

Follow Up With Detractors

Don’t forget to be following up with your detractors! You have already developed your detractor outreach process but click here for a reminder of our best practice. Following up with detractors can lead to a better patient experience, more visits, and in turn more revenue for your practice.

Track Your Online Reviews

Online Review Campaigns are automatically driving your loyal patients (9 and 10) to leave your reviews on Google and Facebook through your Reach platform. This is one major way to see success within Reach! So are you seeing an increase in online reviews? But more importantly, why are online reviews so important and impactful to your practice?

  • 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 87% of people say that a business needs a rating of 3-5 stars before they will use them.
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  • 59% of consumers look at multiple review sites before making a decision

Monitor Your NPS Dashboard

You can see additional success and return from the Net Promoter Score if you continue to monitor your NPS Dashboard. With this data, you can celebrate wins within the clinic, look for trends, and continue to move your learnings down the road to further impact the patient experience.

Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivation campaigns are another one of the biggest contributors to a clinic's return on investment, in addition to the Net Promoter Score survey. They allow you to stay in contact with past patients, should those patients—or their friends and family members—need therapy services in the future.

Confirm Reactivation Workflow Status

Do you have your reactivation workflows active? You can’t afford to let your patients forget about you. Maintaining an open line of communication with patients post-discharge keeps you in the loop on their continued progress, but also keeps you fresh in their minds.

Some patients are prone to flare-ups or additional injuries; others may require assistance with maintaining their current level of function. Keeping the door open after discharge ensures they come to you—not your competitors—for additional care.

Typically, we expect to see at least 20% of people who sign up for your reactivation offer to attend an initial evaluation. However, we have seen companies achieve as high as a 45% conversion rate. Any improvement in this rate represents a direct increase in revenue. You have already optimized your lead management processes for Reactivations, but click here to view our lead management best practice guide!

Manage Your Lead Alerts

Don’t forget to ensure someone with your practice is set up to receive lead alerts and is executing on your optimized process for lead management.

Curious if you have had any leads convert into a new course of care? You can track conversions right within WebPT Reach on your lead dashboard or individual landing page. In order for a conversion record to be created, the lead record must match with a patient record by email address and/or phone number and the patient record has an initial evaluation date that occurred within 45/60 days of the lead creation date. These conversions are direct revenue for your practice, simply multiply the number of conversions by the revenue generated by a new plan of care!

Reach Metrics

Don’t forget, in order to achieve the ultimate success of your Reach goals outlined above you must continue to gather your patients' email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Need help with optimizing your email collection? Click here to view our Email Collection Strategy guide!

Be Thoughtful About Your Content

What else can you do to ensure you are seeing the most success with your Reach platform? Ensure you are continuing to hit the mark with your email and text contents! But what happens if your email engagement rates are low?

  • What contents are you sending out? Is your clinic sending out our high-value contents (Net Promoter Surveys, Online Review Campaigns, Pre-IE Welcome, Reactivation) that encourage engagement?
  • How are you sending your contents out? Our continuous workflows on your Patient Journey Map typically have higher open rates, higher click-to-open rates, and lower unsubscribe rates. One-time workflows typically have higher unsubscribe rates and lower open rates/click rates.
  • When are you collecting your emails? Contents sent earlier in care have better engagement.
  • Reach Benchmarks for content:
Open Rate 50%
Click Rate 15%
Unsubscribe Rate < 0.5%
Review Conversion Rate 10%

WebPT Reach Main Point of Contacts

Don’t forget where to go if you have questions as you are never alone, we are here for you! 

Curious about our most up to date best practice Journey Map? Click here to ensure you are engaging your patients to the fullest potential with your rollout of WebPT Reach by viewing our Patient Journey Map.

Have a WebPT Reach or HEP system related question? Our support team is here to help and can always be reached at reachsupport@wept.com.  Or reference our WebPT Reach Knowledge Base that contains great articles and videos on every section of Reach.

Have a question on your WebPT account progress of utilizing Reach? Your WebPT Member Success Manager can assist and should have been copied on your final training sessions follow up email.

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