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New Features: Custom Send Times and More

We are excited to announce three brand new features available in WebPT Reach today! The addition of these features does not impact your current pricing. And, if you choose not to use any of the features, your current Reach setup will not change. What we have done is offer a greater degree of customization, all to let you choose how to manage your workflows. Ready to learn more?

1) Custom Send Times

If you are new to custom send times, the default "Morning" send time will now trigger around 8 AM and evening sends will trigger at 6:30PM at each facility’s own time zone. If you would like to edit your workflows to a different time (on the hours and half hours), you can do that within any workflow directly. Check out this article for instructions: Send a Continuous Workflow with Custom Send Times

Additionally, you now have the option on a workflow-by-workflow basis to omit messages from being sent on weekends, weekdays, or holidays. Learn more: Excluded Holidays and Recommended Workflow Send Times

2) Scheduling a One Time Workflow

Historically, you have only been able to send one time workflows at the time you click the “Send Workflow Button.” Now, you will be able to schedule a workflow to go out at a certain date and time in the future. Read more: Scheduling a One Time Workflow. This is especially helpful for event reminders or holiday messages where staff may not be available. 

You can also make changes or cancel the workflow before it sends. Learn how here: Stopping or Changing a Scheduled One Time Workflow

3) Send Rules

Send rules have always existed in the background of Reach as a protective measure to keep patients from receiving the same message twice within continuous workflows (with the exception of NPS Surveys). However, as different types of contents have been developed with different goals, and as clinics can vary in their return patient populations, we have added the ability to customize these thresholds on a content by content basis. 

Send rules are defaulted now to where a patient can only receive a certain content once per year (except for surveys). So if you do not have time to look at this today, tomorrow or next month--Reach will continue operating as it does currently. If you would like to change your content to reflect our recommendations, check out this article: Send Rules & Recommendations.

These features have been rolled out to all organizations on the Reach Platform. While we never anticipate any issues, if you see or hear anything that doesn’t seem right to you, please don’t hesitate to email reachsupport@webpt.com.

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