Uploading a Bulk Patient List

If your current patient lists have already been established in an Excel or CSV file, the “Upload File” option would be your best bet for adding all of your current patients in bulk to Reach. Here’s how you go about that:

  1. Make sure that you have already downloaded the correct report we sent you that is specific to your EMR.
  2. Save that spreadsheet as a .xlsx (Excel Workbook) file. 
  3. After logging into Reach, click on Patients from the menu. 
  4. Next, click Upload File
  5. You will be brought to the Patient Import page. Once there, click Choose File. If you are uploading a list of patients downloaded from your EMR, do not check the box. Only check This is a Lead / Non-EMR Spreadsheet Upload if you are uploading a list of non-EMR patients.
  6. Locate the patient (.xlsx) file that you want to upload and click Open.
  7. Once you have selected that file, click Upload File.

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