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Scheduling a One Time Workflow

Workflows allow you to send out the content you’ve created to the list you specify. One Time workflows send content out immediately when activated and will only run once, and can be scheduled for set date and time in the future. Before creating a workflow, make sure you have already created the List and Content you want to send out.

  1. Start by opening the Campaigns drop-down and selecting Workflows

  2. Select Create Workflow, and click One Time Workflow

  3. Name the workflow and add a description. This information will not be seen by the patient.

  4. Next, Select Your List Type, Patient List or Lead List. For this example, we'll click Patient List.

  5. Then, select the List of contacts you want to send the workflow to, in this example, we're choosing Low Back Patients Over 50.


  6. Select the content piece you want to send to that list of patients, either by typing in the content’s name or using the drop-down.  

  7. Next, Select Your Send Time. You can either choose Send Now if you're ready to message your contacts right away, or Send Later to schedule a date and time in the future to send. We'll choose Send Later

  8. Now select the time and date in the future you want this workflow to be sent using the dropdown menus and date picker. NOTE: For minutes, the only choices are on the hour or the half hour.

     When you have made your selections, all four fields should be filled out, like this:

  9. You are now ready to schedule this workflow. Click Save and Send. This workflow will only run once. It will only capture patients that are added to the list over time prior to sending, but not after it is sent.
  10. Or, if you are not ready to queue up your workflow yet, just click Save as Draft
  11. Once saved, a warning will pop up before sending a one-time workflow that asks you to confirm the number of patients who will receive the selected content. This warning will help ensure the correct content is sent to the right list. After confirming, you’ll be navigated to the details page for this particular workflow. Here you can monitor the overall success of the workflow after it's sent (For more information, check out the Workflow Metrics article). On the left hand panel, you can review the List, Content, and Scheduled Date and Time for the workflow. 
    One thing to note is the Status column on the workflows page. You can view whether a workflow is active, inactive, in draft mode, or queued for sending at a later date (one time workflows only). 
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