Send Rules

This functionality is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members. We'll continue gradually rolling out this release over the coming weeks.

Send Rules are a feature within Announcements, Surveys, and Blog Posts that set thresholds on how often an individual can receive a piece of content during a specific period of time.

Send rules have always existed in the background of Reach, as a protective measure to help keep patients from receiving the same message twice within continuous workflows (with the exception of NPS Surveys). However, as different types of contents have been developed with different goals, we have added the ability to customize send rules per content. 
This prevents contacts from receiving a certain content too many times over the course of their time in care. This is especially helpful for patients who are seen for multiple cases over a short amount of time. Also, as your patients or leads stay with you over the years, this will allow them to receive informative contents more frequently, but generic contents less frequently.
For example, currently a patient in care could only receive a pre-IE welcome message the first time they have a new IE with their clinic, and then they would not receive it for any subsequent IEs ever again. But now, by setting the recommended send rule to 1 time per month for a pre-IE welcome message, a patient would be able to receive a welcome message before their IE each time they have a new IE scheduled, as long as the number of new IEs does not exceed 1 per month.
This is not to be confused with the time triggers we establish in continuous Workflows, in that Send Rules do not determine when a content is sent to a contact, it simply limits the maximum amount of times a specific content could be sent to a given contact in the selected time frame. For questions about setting up a workflow, click here.
Below, we have included the recommended Send Rules for different contents. You can edit these based on the needs of your organization. 
Content Type Recommended Send Rule
Pre-IE Welcome or Intake Contents 1 Time per Month
Net Promoter(R) Surveys 1 Time per Day
Google/Facebook Review Requests 1 Time per Month
Dropped Patient Intervention 1 Time per Fortnight (14 days)
Reactivation #1 (2 months after last visit) 1 Time per Quarter
Reactivation #2 (4 months after last visit) 2 Times per Year
Reactivations #3 - 7 1 Time per Year
Educational Content 1 Time per Year
Happy Birthday 1 Time per Year

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