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Lead Activity Page

Lead-specific information is tracked through the Lead Activity page. Navigate to Contacts > Leads. Search for, and select, a lead to view more information. 

The Lead Activity page contains several key sections including lead information, lead owner, lead status, and recent activity. 

Lead Information

This section allows you to view key demographic information about the lead, including their email address. To edit this information, use the Edit Lead button.

Recent Activity

This section allows you to visually see a timeline of lead activity, including updates to lead status and lead owner. You can use the tabs to view all emails sent, text messages sent, any conversion records that exist, and comments added to the account.   


You can view the status of all workflows sent, including how the lead has interacted with it.   


For text messages, we can see the title of the workflow that was sent and delivered but no information on whether the lead actually opened it. 


This section indicates that the lead has successfully been converted into a patient. In order for a conversion record to be created, the following information must be true

  1. Lead record matches with a patient record by email address and/or phone number
  2. The patient record has an initial evaluation date that occurred after the lead creation date. 


This section allows you to add notes to the Lead’s record. You can document phone outreach, voicemails left, and any other lead-specific notes you’d like to associate with the record. 

Lead Status

Each lead can be given one of the four default statuses (shown below), or you can create custom lead statuses in your settings. Note: All leads will begin the process with an open status. You’ll need to manually update the Lead’s status as they progress through the lead flow.  

When a lead status is changed, the update will be reflected in the All Activity feed. 

Lead Owner

You can select a Lead Owner from the available users in Reach. Assigning lead owners means that you can easily segment responsibilities for leads among your staff. You can also filter by lead owner on the main lead page. 

When a lead owner is added or updated, the change will be reflected on the All Activity feed. 

Associated Patient

The associated patient section ties together a lead and patient record. This can occur for leads that are reactivating past patients, or leads that have converted (and a patient record was created for the lead). The lead record is automatically matched to the patient record based on email address and/or phone number. 

If the records do not match automatically due to data inconsistencies, you can choose to associate a patient manually by clicking the Add Patient button. 

Contact Options

If a lead unsubscribes from the email or text message, the appropriate contact option will automatically be toggled to the off position. Alternatively, you can choose to opt-out a lead from a specific method of contact. This is all or nothing, you cannot pick and choose which workflows to send once they’ve been opted out. 


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