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Lead List: Property Definitions

It’s easy to create the right lists if you know which property to choose. The following table describes the properties, operators, and associated values available when creating lead lists. 

Property Description Operators Values
City The city associated with the lead’s address. = != Cities
Date Submitted The date the lead form was submitted. < > = Exists, does not exist, 1 to 60 months ago
Event Type The type of event entered when creating a landing page for an event (free text). = != Free text field as entered in the Event details section of the Landing Page
Facility The facility where the lead was previously seen, if the lead is a past patient. = != Your facility locations as entered in the Facility section of the Settings page.
Form The name of the form that was completed by the lead when submitting data from a landing page. = != Free text name as entered when creating the form.
Has Patient Is the lead associated with an existing patient record? = True, False
Landing Page The name of the landing page where the lead submitted the form. = != Free text name field as entered when creating the landing page.
Lead Source Where the lead is coming from. = != Value created when uploading a lead list or as a hidden value on a Lead form.
Leads All contact records that are leads. = All
Patient Active Is the patient currently in treatment (not discharged)? = True, False
Postal Code Postal code from the lead’s primary address. = Postal codes
Preferred Appointment Time The lead’s preferred appointment time selected on the Lead form. = != Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Preferred Clinic The lead’s preferred clinic selected on the Lead form. = != Your facility locations as entered in the Facility section of the Settings page.
Preferred Provider The lead’s preferred provider selected on the Lead form. = != List of all providers in your organization
Region Regions as listed in your Region settings. = != List of all Regions in your organization
Service The service selected by the Lead on the lead form. = != A list of all services created in your Settings.
State The state associated with the patient’s primary address. = != States
Status The lead’s current status on their contact page. = != List of status - can be customized in your Settings.
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