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Manually Send Intake from SOAP 1.0

With Reach Digital Patient Intake and SOAP 1.0, you can send intake to a last minute or walk-in patient immediately after adding them into the WebPT EMR, instead of waiting on the automated workflows that deliver intake to patients scheduled farther in advance. 

  1. From the Patient Record page in the WebPT EMR, click the Patient Record Actions dropdown to view options. 
  2. Choose Manage Patient Intake from the dropdown menu selections.  
    1. Alternatively, choose Yes next to “Send DPI Now” when creating a new patient, or adding a new case to an existing patient’s chart. Click Save on the Patient Info page to proceed with Step 3 if you are not logged in to Reach, or proceed with Step 4 if you are logged in to Reach.
    2. You’re also able to send an Intake Invitation when adding a patient through the Quick Add feature. Click Save with any of the 4 options to proceed with step 3 if you are not logged in to Reach, or proceed with Step 4 if you are logged in to Reach.
    3. Note: Yes is automatically selected, however, the intake invitation will not be sent to the patient until you select the intake form to send, the case the intake is associated with, and the patient's preferred communication method. If Yes was selected and you do not intend to send an intake invitation to the patient, simply click outside of the popup to close the DPI window. 
  3. If you are not logged into Reach already, you will first be prompted to login with your Reach username and password. 
  4. If you are already logged into Reach, you will be brought directly to the send intake module on the patient details page for that specific patient.  
    1. If multiple intake forms exist in your Reach account, you can select your desired form from the intake form drop-down. b. The case will default to the case you were in when Manage Patient Intake was selected (Step 4). 

5. Next, choose how you want to share the patient intake form:  Email to Patient or Text to Patient.

a.  Email to Patient: Verify or update the patient's email address, confirm with the patient that they consent to be contacted by clicking the checkbox, and then select Send Intake Form

b.  Text to Patient: Verify or update the patient's cell phone number, confirm with the patient that they consent to be contacted by clicking the checkbox, and then select Send Intake Form

6. You will receive a notification that the intake form has been sent. Click  Close.

7.  When the patient receives their welcome message, it asks them to complete the form by clicking the link in the content, like in the examples below: 

a.  Email

      b.  Text: 


  8. The intake form opens in a new tab. The patient intake form shows the facility's brand information including the logo and color scheme. The left menu shows progress toward completion and the different sections included in the form.

Note: The form automatically saves the information as it’s added. If the patient closes the form prior to completion, they’ll automatically be directed to complete the remaining questions the next time they open intake. 

9. The  Verification section automatically populates with the access code that is unique to the patient, and they will need to fill in their Date of Birth to verify their identity. If they are filling out the form for a child or spouse, they will enter the patient’s date of birth. Click here to read more about the patient verification process.

10. To continue, the patient clicks  Next at the bottom of the screen and completes each section until intake is complete. 

11. Completed intake information can be found in the patient’s eDoc (see below). If you have not yet created the initial evaluation for the patient in SOAP 1.0, eligible integrated fields will be populated upon creation of the IE.

Where to Find Completed Intake in the EMR

Once the patient has completed their intake, you can find the completed intake form the eDocs for that patient’s specific case.

  1. On the patient record page in the WebPT EMR, select eDoc
  2. Patient intake(s) related to the case appear in the External Patient Documents section, along with the dates that the intake was received and filed. Remember: Intakes submitted are case-specific. 

3. In the  Options menu, select the action that you want to take for the eDoc.

If you have any questions about eDoc and intake or where to find a patient’s intake status in Reach, please reach out to our team at reachsupport@webpt.com.

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