Region Settings

The Regions section of the Settings menu allows you to create, view, edit, and delete Regions. Regions are used to help larger organizations segment their clinics with more granularity in reporting.  Note that facilities can only be added to Regions on the Facilities tab. Only Admins can access the Regions settings menu.

Regions Overview 

View quick information about regions, including the number of facilities, users, and patients. Use the Search bar to quickly locate Regions.

Creating a Region

  1. Open the Settings menu from your profile drop-down.
  2. Click Region.   
  3. Click Create Region.
  4. Enter a name and include an optional email address.
  5. Click Create Region to save.

Adding Facilities to a Region

Facilities can only be added to a region using the Region drop-down on the Add/Edit Facilities page.

  1. Navigate to the Facilities Settings section.
  2. Open the facility you want to include in the Region.
  3. Select a region from the Region drop-down.
  4. Click Save Facility to add the facility to the region. They will now be linked for reporting. Facilities can only be tied to one region. You can add as many facilities to a Region as you’d like.

Can I delete a Region?

You can only delete regions if they do not have any facilities tied to them. First, reassign all the facilities tied to that region in the Edit Facilities window, then use the menu to delete.

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