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Facility Settings

Facility settings allow you to view, and edit facilities within the company. Facilities are individual clinics which can have different brand information than the provider organization itself, including facility-specific links referred to by dynamic variables. You can also create your own custom naming conventions for facilities that may differ from facility names in the EMR. Please note that only Admins can access the Facilities settings menu. If you would like to add or remove a location, please reach out to reachsupport@webpt.com. 

Items you can update in this section:

  1. Facility Name
  2. Region
  3. Facility Nickname
  4. Match Names (allows you to link facilities in the EMR to your preferred facility name)
  5. Email
  6. Address
  7. Additional Directions
  8. City, State, Postal Code
  9. Phone Number
  10. Fax Number
  11. Brand Color
  12. Logo
  13. Website
  14. Google Place ID: we use your Google Place ID when requesting reviews from promoters in order to link them to your Google business page. 
  15. Directions Link
  16. Facebook Page
  17. Facebook Review Link
  18. Twitter Handle
  19. Twitter Link
  20. Yelp Page
  21. Instagram User Name
  22. Instagram Link
  23. Team Page
  24. FAQ Page
  25. Primary Intake Form
  26. Secondary Intake Form
  27. Scheduling Link
  28. Tag Line
  29. Primary Landing Page
  30. Secondary Landing Page
  31. Clinic Director
  32. Clinic Director Email

You are not required to complete all of these fields. Focus on adding the information you’d like to include in your content with dynamic variables. Any field not completed will default to the information input in the Company settings page.

Company versus Facility Information

You'll notice that there is a lot of overlap between the Company and Facility settings pages. Let's quickly review how this information works with regards to dynamic variables. All overlapping fields/variables will default to Facility first. If Reach attempts to pull a variable from the Facility and the field is blank, the system will then check the Company field. If that field has been completed, it will use that information to populate the variable. If that field is also blank, the variable will appear blank and show as an empty space in content. 

Facilities Overview

View quick information about facilities, including the number of users and patients tied to that location. Use the Search bar to locate facilities. This table will automatically populate with the facilities designated in your EMR. Facility records can be edited or matched here. 

Matching Facilities

Some organizations may want to match multiple facilities that exist in their EMR to a single facility in Reach. This often occurs where an organization creates specialty-specific facilities that all treat at the same clinic location. Admins can then group these facilities into the same facility location using the match names field.

  1. Open the Settings menu from your profile drop-down. 

  2. Click Facilities.                                                     
  3. Next, open the facility record that you’d like to incorporate the other facilities into. 
  4. In the Match Names drop-down, scroll or search to select each facility. 

  5. Complete any additional facility-specific information.
  6. Click Save Facility to make your changes. 

Can I delete a facility?

No, at this time please reach out to our support team at reachsupport@webpt.com to remove (or add) facilities to your Reach account, as the appropriate changes will be made to your subscription. Updating Facility Information

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