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Creating a New User (User Settings)

\\This article provides information on how to add user profiles. Please note that only Admin users have the ability to create, edit, view, and delete users. All settings are located under your profile drop-down. Click here for instructions on how to edit existing user profiles.

Users Overview

The Users section allows you to quickly search for, create, and view details about the users in your organization.

Adding a New User

Let’s review how to add a new user and assign the correct access levels.

  1. In the Users section, click Create User. 
  2. Start by entering the user’s full name and email address.
  3. Then, select whether this individual is an Aide. This means that they are not a licensed therapist and will not have patients assigned to them or be able to message patients through the patient portal.
  4. Next, select the Role for this user. Review the following role descriptions. You’ll finalize the access levels within Reach in the Access Settings step below. 
  5. Next, use the drop-down to select the Facility the user should be attributed to. Facilities are added and managed in the Facilities settings section. This will impact Facility NPS reporting and NPS access levels, as well as Intake and Lead Notifications that are facility specific.
  6. Select the Access Settings for the user. This access level is for items created in Reach including patients, lists, content, and workflows. Review the following access descriptions below.
  7. Then, select the user’s NPS Access Settings.
  8. Next, determine if the user should receive notification of new lead submissions.
  9. Then, determine if the user should receive notifications when a new intake is submitted. 
  10. Finally, determine whether this user should receive Low Score Alerts, Passive Score Alerts, and/or Promoter Score Alerts. Typically, we only recommend organizations turn on alerts for Low Scores and limit individuals who receive these to those in charge of managing detractors.
  11. Use the Create User button to save.
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