My Provider Profile Settings

All settings are located under your profile drop-down.

The My Provider Profile settings will only appear if your Reach user account is linked to a Provider account. Here, you can include information about yourself like your credentials, a bio, a profile picture, specialties, and more. This information will be available to your patients in their patient portal. Please note that only Admin users will have access to the full settings menu. 

Linking Your Accounts

If your user account does not automatically link to your provider account, follow these steps. Please note that only Admin users will have access to the full settings menu, which includes providers. If you do not have access to these settings, you'll need to reach out to an Admin user at your clinic to complete the following steps for you.

  1. Open the Providers menu item.                                                                                               
  2. Locate yourself in the Providers list (if you can’t find your provider account, click the Click Create Provider button).  
  3. In the User* drop-down, select your name.  
  4. Click the Save Provider button. Your accounts will now be linked and the My Provider Profile menu will appear upon refreshing your browser.  
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