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Campaigns Overview

Campaigns allow you to group similar workflows by objective and report on their overall effectiveness. There are four available objectives that represent the key activities performed by Reach.  

Click on a campaign objective to learn more:

Campaign Reporting

Campaigns allow you to gain an additional level of detail around group performance over time. You can view the following statistics for each campaign, filterable by date range:

  • Reach: the number of unique contacts who have received an email or text from workflows that belong to this campaign
  • Open %: the percentage of recipients who have opened (or viewed) emails that belong to this campaign. Formula: emails opened divided by total emails sent
  • Click %: the percentage of recipients who click on a link in an email that belongs to a workflow in this campaign. Formula: total clicks divided by the number of opened emails.
  • Unsubscribe %: percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from the email list as receiving one content belonging to a workflow within the campaign. Formula: number of patients that have unsubscribed divided by total contacts                                                                   

Testing Effectiveness

Campaigns allow you to test two sets of workflows against each other and determine which is most effective for whatever your objective may be. For example, let’s imagine that we have two sets of the reactivation campaigns with the same messaging but sent at different intervals each to a different set of random patients, as shown below.

Reactivation Campaign #1 Timeline
  • Reactivation 1A @ 1 month
  • Reactivation 2A @ 3 months
  • Reactivation 3A @ 9 months
  • Reactivation 4A @ 12 months

Reactivation Campaign #2 Timeline

  • Reactivation 1B @ 1 month
  • Reactivation 2B @ 6 months
  • Reactivation 3B @ 12 months
In this example, we could look at the reporting metrics for each campaign after the first year and learn more about what patients responded best to over time.
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