Objective: Generate Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are essential for generating new business. People reference online reviews to help them choose just about everything. In fact, according to Expertise.com, “as many as 90% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase.” So, if your practice lacks reviews or has negative reviews, there’s a good chance prospective patients are choosing your competitors instead. That’s where the Generate Online Reviews campaign comes in.

These workflows—customized with your Google review link during onboarding—are sent only to those individuals who are determined to be promoters by their NPS survey results, as they are the most likely to give you a positive review. Just a few positive reviews will put you on the path toward ranking higher in internet searches for your local area, providing you more opportunities to get clicked on, ultimately generating even more business. This campaign is dependent on data collected through active Net Promoter Score® (NPS) surveys to build the correct promoters email list, so ensure that you have active surveys.

During onboarding, you’ll set up the following workflow to meet this objective.

  • Review - same day
  • Review - next morning

Campaign Creation

You may find that you’d like to group these workflows into one or multiple campaigns. Please note that each workflow can only be added to a single campaign.  

Click here to learn on how to create a campaign. When building the campaign, be sure to select Generate Online Reviews as the objective.

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