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Objective: Re-Engage Past Patients

You can’t afford to let your patients forget about you. Maintaining an open line of communication with patients post-discharge keeps you in the loop on their continued progress, but also keeps you fresh in their minds should they—or their friends and family—ever need therapy services in the future.

Check in with your patients after care to ensure they’re still feeling great! Some patients are prone to flare-ups or additional injuries; others may require assistance with maintaining their current level of function. Keeping the door open after discharge ensures they come to you—not your competitors—for additional care.

During onboarding, you’ll set up the following workflows to meet this objective.

Re-Engage Past Patients

  • Reactivation 1
  • Reactivation 2
  • Reactivation 3
  • Reactivation 4
  • Reactivation 5
  • Reactivation 6
  • Reactivation 7

What are these reactivation workflows all about?

Reactivation can take many forms, from offering a free initial exam to a phone consultation. However your clinic chooses to approach them, they’re essential to success. Check out our Reactivation Best Practices for more information.

Campaign Creation

You may find that you’d like to group these workflows into one or multiple campaigns. Please note that each workflow can only be added to a single campaign.  

Click here to learn on how to create a campaign. When building the campaign, be sure to select Re-Engage Past Patients as the objective. 

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