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Health Check: Active NPS Workflows

The Reach Health Check series is designed to help you get the most out of Reach while staying on top of crucial workflows.


Confirm your automated NPS workflows are active.

Monitor patient sentiment by sending NPS surveys at strategic points throughout their course of care. Not only will you discover your raving fans, but you'll be able to proactively identify patients at risk of dropping out. If these workflows are inactive, value is being left on the table.


The NPS survey is used early in care to gauge a patient's loyalty to their clinic and to prevent early patient drop off, and later to gauge the patient’s overall satisfaction with the service provided by their clinic. Automating these workflows and collecting patient feedback provides insight to the patient experience.

Reach, like most automated solutions, requires occasional maintenance to ensure things continue to operate as expected. If it’s been a while since you started your workflows, we recommend reviewing the timing and delivery method of your NPS surveys. Once in a while, we’ve even discovered that some Members had accidentally disabled this content and forgot to re-enable it! 

Our recommended best practice is to send three NPS surveys through a series of four workflows, using both email and text message delivery, as follows:

Content List Workflow Timing Email or Text?
NPS 1A All Patients 6 Days after IE Email Only
NPS 1B No NPS Submitted 8 Days after IE Text Only
NPS 2A All Patients 4 Weeks after IE Email Primary, Text Secondary
NPS 3A No NPS Submitted 6 Weeks after IE Text Only


Confirm your NPS workflows are active by taking the following steps:

  1. Click Campaigns, and then select Workflows from the drop-down menu.
  2. This brings you to the Workflows page, where all workflows, active (currently being sent) and inactive are displayed
  3. Use the Search Bar to search for your NPS workflows by title.
  4. Because these workflows can be renamed at any time, there are a variety of workflow titles in use. Recommended search terms include: NPS, Survey, or Question.
  5. Check the workflow’s status by looking at the Status column. 
  6. For continuous (automated) workflows, there are two options:

    a.  Active: Content is sending. 

    b. Inactive: No content is sending.

If all of your workflows have an active status, you are done! 

Bonus: Take this opportunity to review the content and see if you’d like to make any updates. For long-time Reach users, we recommend confirming the workflow sends align with the recommended Workflow Timing in the table above.

If your workflows are inactive: 

1. To activate an inactive workflow start by clicking the title of the inactive workflow.

2. This brings you to the workflow details page. You can review the content, associated list, and timing of any given workflow on this page. 

3. To set the workflow to active, click the arrow to the right of the Edit Workflow button and select Start Workflow from the dropdown menu.

You will receive a success message in the lower left corner of the screen to confirm.  

4. Return to the workflows screen by clicking the back button within your browser. You can now see that the workflow’s status is active, and it will automatically send content based on the list and timing specified. 

Repeat these steps for the recommended NPS workflows in the table above to get maximum value from WebPT Reach!

How often?

Semi-annually or any time you want to update the timing of your messaging. 

If you want to learn more about the NPS workflows review these workflow knowledge base articles or NPS knowledge base articles. Or, email our team for help via reachsupport@webpt.com

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