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Objective: Engage with Active Patients

Strong communication throughout the course of care plays an instrumental role in fostering lasting patient-provider relationships—which can lead to more satisfied patients. Happy patients are more likely to experience better outcomes, rave about you to their friends, and perhaps even come back to your clinic in the future.

During onboarding, you’ll set up the following workflows to meet this objective.

  • Pre-IE Welcome
  • Diagnosis-specific Welcome
    • Cervical Welcome Email
    • Shoulder Welcome Email
    • Lumbar Welcome Email
    • Hip Welcome Email
    • Knee Welcome Email
    • All Others/Ancillary Welcome Email
  • Persisting Pain
  • Diagnosis-specific Content
    • Lower Extremity Content
    • Upper Extremity Content
    • Upper Spine Content
    • Lower Spine Content
  • Age-specific Content
    • Under 30 Outreach
    • 30-59 Outreach
    • 60+ Outreach
  • Happy Birthday
  • Dropped Patient Intervention

Campaign Creation

You may find that you’d like to group some of these workflows into one or multiple campaigns. Please note that each workflow can only be added to a single campaign.  

Click here to learn on how to create a campaign. When building the campaign, be sure to select Engage with Active Patients as the objective.  

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