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How to Create a Campaign

Let’s review how to create a campaign.

In this example, our goal is to group our reactivation workflows together to better understand their effectiveness over time.

  1. In Reach, open the Campaigns drop-down, and select Campaigns.   
  2. Click Create Campaign.  
  3. Input a Name and Description for your campaign. 
  4. Next, select your Objective from the drop-down.  
  5. Then, select the Workflows you want to add to this campaign. Use the drop-down or type to search. Click to add. You can add as many workflows as you’d like.  
  6. When you’ve finished adding workflows, click Save Campaign.  
  7. You’ll be navigated to the campaign’s overview page.

Campaign Overview

This page allows you to track performance for the selected date range. These metrics include:

  • Reach: the number of unique contacts who have received an email from workflows that belong to this campaign
  • Open %: the percentage of recipients who have opened (or viewed) emails that belong to this campaign. Formula: emails opened divided by total emails sent
  • Click %: the percentage of recipients who click on a link in an email that belongs to a workflow in this campaign. Formula: total clicks divided by the number of opened emails.
  • Unsubscribe %: percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from the email list as receiving one content belonging to a workflow within the campaign. Formula: number of contacts that have unsubscribed divided by total contacts.  

Additional viewable information includes a list of workflows, their related metrics, and a list of recipients for all workflows in the campaign. 


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