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Reach Overview

Reach allows you to create and implement a comprehensive patient and lead messaging strategy, driving conversion, engagement, and retention. This strategy follows our Right Contact, Right Message, Right Time philosophy. You’ll determine the Right Contact when building Lists, the Right Message when developing Content, and the Right Time when creating Workflows. This information is then gathered into Campaigns based on objective, allowing detailed tracking and reporting. 


The Lists section allows you to use lead and patient data to segment your contacts into specific groups. Patient lists can be created based on characteristics like age, diagnosis, body part, and many others, as pulled from your EMR. Lead lists are segmented by items like lead source, referring provider, and services, as pulled from the information provided by the lead.

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The Content section allows you to craft three types of messages for your contacts: blog posts, surveys, and announcements. Each content should be created to target a specific list.

  • Blog Posts: Articles posted online (created by anyone) that you want to share. Primarily used with existing patients, but can be used as part of a lead outreach process.
  • Surveys: Net Promoter Score® Surveys. At this time, we only recommend using this content type with patients.  
  • Announcements: Custom messages created by you, like welcome emails, used as the primary content type for lead workflows. We recommend using this type for both patients and leads.

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Landing Pages

The Content section is also where you can customize or create new landing pages.

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The Workflows section allows you to select a List, a piece of Content, and a triggering event. A triggering event is usually time-based (i.e. one day after Initial Evaluation) and is what causes the content to be sent to the patient or lead list. 

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The Campaigns section allows you to group similar workflows and report on their overall effectiveness. Each campaign will be tied to one of Reach’s four main objectives.

These objectives are:

  • Engage with Active Patients
  • Re-Engage Past Patients
  • Generate Online Reviews
  • Measure the Experience

Click here for more information on Campaigns.


The Contacts section allows you to navigate to your Patient or Lead pages. The Patients section allows you to review patient demographic information and how the patient has interacted with the content they’ve received. The Leads section provides information on the lead status, comments on the lead, and see if the lead has interacted with any content.

Click here for more information on Patients and here for more information on Leads.

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