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Adding or Updating Intake Alerts

This article covers how to add and update intake alert settings for an existing user in Reach Intake. Please note that only Admin users can manage user settings.

  1. Start by selecting Settings under your profile drop-down.
  2. Next, click Users. The user settings page allows you to quickly search for and view details about the users in your organization.
  3. Once on the Users page, select the user you want to set up intake alerts for.
    4. Scroll down to see Intake Notification Settings.
    5. Set intake notification preferences for new intake submissions from the following options in the Intake Notification Settings drop-down menu:

What alerts do the different options provide?

  • No Alerts: The user will not receive alerts when an intake is submitted.
  • All Intake Alerts: The user will receive alerts when any intake is submitted in the organization.
  • My Facility Intake Alerts: The user will receive alerts for intakes submitted that are tied to the facility (or facilities) they have access to in Reach

6. Save your changes by clicking Save User.

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