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Content Types

Ensure you craft the right message with content. The Content tab contains three types of messages: blog posts, surveys, and announcements.

  • Blog Posts: articles posted online (created by anyone) that you want to share with patients
  • Surveys: Net Promoter Score® Surveys
  • Announcements: custom messages created by you, like welcome emails

Blog Posts

Blog posts are relevant articles, infographics, and posts gathered from other websites to share directly with your patients. A snippet of the selected content is customized and polished by Reach and will appear within the body of the email. 

Your clinic will start with a handful of pre-populated content pieces as outlined in the Patient Journey Map, but you can add as many additional blog posts as you want.


Reach uses Net Promoter Score®, or NPS, to measure patient experience and satisfaction with one simple question, “How likely is it that you would recommend this practice to a friend.” Patients are given the option to choose a number from 0 (Not Likely) to 10 (Highly Likely) to score the clinic. Once the patient selects a number, the score is recorded and the patient is redirected to an additional webpage allowing them to provide additional comments if needed. Based on patient responses, your clinic will receive a score between -100 to 100. Use the data you’ve collected to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty. Promoters can be leveraged for positive reviews, and detractors can provide insight into what you and your clinic can do better.

Your clinic will establish at least four NPS survey workflows, sent at key intervals throughout the patient journey. However, you may setup an optional one-time NPS workflow to get a broader snapshot of the patient experience.


Announcements are emails written by you and sent directly to your patients. Typically, this type of message contains more information about your clinic, whereas blog posts are more general. For example, if you want to set up a Happy Birthday workflow that sends a happy birthday email to your patients on their birthdate, you would create an announcement where the email body text reads, "Happy birthday from everyone at our clinic, hope it's a great year for you!" You would also use Announcements to create welcome emails, closure notices (weather, holiday, etc.), and for information gathering through patient intake links.

Upon setup, your clinic will already have all the announcements related to the patient journey. These should be tweaked and updated to fit clinic voice and specifications.  

Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables are the key to making a single piece of content work for multiple audiences. Using dynamic variables can greatly reduce the amount of content you’ll need to create because each email will feel personalized regardless of patient, diagnosis, or clinic location. These variables are smart and patient-specific, meaning that you don't have to do much to ensure the patient receives a message tailored to their particular situation. Check out a complete list of variables here.

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