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How do I edit a List?

So you need to update a list. Whether your original list didn’t return the right results, or you’re looking to change your focus, editing lists is a snap.

  1. Locate the list you want to change in the Lists page.                                 
  2. Click the menu and select Edit from the drop-down. You can also click Clone to create an exact copy of the list. This is often helpful for experimentation, especially if aren’t confident your changes will return the desired list of contacts  
  3. Update your filters and/or parameters. When finished, click Save List. If you decide you don’t want to make changes, you can always use the back arrow in the top left corner to exit the list.                
  4. Check the Details section to make sure your list is returning the correct results.

Can I delete a list?


  1. Locate the list you want to change in the Lists tab.                                
  2. Click the menu and select Delete from the drop-down.
  3. Confirm your decision in the popup window.  
  4. A success message will appear in the bottom left corner of the page.
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